Studio Blog

Artist at work in the studio, seen from the back

Welcome to my Studio Blog! In this section I will share information about upcoming exhibitions, events, print releases etc. For the most part however, I will be introducing the latest paintings to come off the easel. It's after all a special occasion when a painting is ready to be shown to the world. My artwork requires patience (a forgotten virtue) to experience, but also to create. So while I'm working on the next piece, I invite you to have a look behind-the-scenes and learn more about (the creation of) my art and all the goings-on in and around the studio.

New Solo Exhibition


I am thrilled to announce my upcoming solo exhibition "Birds Of A Feather". As you might have guessed, this exhibition features a series of realistic oil paintings of all kinds of birds in various landscapes. A modest body of work which I started in 2019. Each painting has been crafted with special attention to lighting and mood, creating a truly immersive experience for the viewer [...]

Vantage Point


In this painting I played with different types of contrast to create visual drama and to draw the viewer in.

Besides the subtle contrasts between hard and soft edges, carefully blended brushwork and (seemingly) loose and spontaneous brushstrokes, I used two powerful contrasts to focus the viewer's attention [...]

Humble Beginnings


Eurasian Jay with acorn, underneath oak tree

"Humble Beginnings" is is a painting about potential, perseverance and hard work. So naturally it is also a good metaphor for the creative process. All big things have small beginnings. Everything that makes the giant oak is already contained inside a single acorn. It's the same with art; you start with a simple idea or vision. In this case I wanted to paint a Eurasian jay. A beautiful woodland bird [...]