Artist Statement



"Your work is so calming and peaceful", somebody once told me. A compliment I appreciate to this very day, because it perfectly captures the essence of my artistic intentions.


Today's world is fast and loud. We're always running from one thing to another, frantically trying to manage our overwhelming workloads and never-ending social commitments.

Ironically, this hurried lifestyle gets you nowhere fast. It's been proven that moving at such a relentless pace takes a huge toll on your health, happiness and quality of life.

Therefore, it is good advice to slow down a little, find balance and focus on what matters most.


My paintings are meant to help you, and myself, escape the noise and craziness of everyday life.

When painting, I forget everything around me and focus all of my attention on the canvas before me. It's a deeply meditative process. The finished art may help viewers experience a similar state of mindfulness. Whether you're looking at a painting of majestic mountains, peaceful pastures or stormy seas, they're all sanctuaries of silence, inviting you to step into the present moment and unplug from everyday concerns.


You make art based on your nature. I've always been introverted and soft-spoken, so this clearly reflects in my work. There's no shock value here, or any effort to stir things up. I like to paint beautiful, immersive landscapes that invite you to pause and reflect.

By adding a poetic dimension (or "mood") I'm also conveying the inner landscape of my heart and mind. This, combined with allegories expressing deeper philosophical or spiritual meaning, will hopefully result in paintings that are visually striking and emotionally resonant.

Robert Nitiredjo